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What amount of work (filling in forms, meeting minutes, etc.) is needed to form a limited company in the UK?
I started a limited company when I was 16, not having any idea about the technicalities of setting one up, such as the financial figures and tax etc.I went through the Companies House, which is the official government website for setting a ltd company up (it takes 48 hours for the paperwork to be processed)So the actual filling in of the paperwork and the application details was extremely straightforward. All you need to know are the following:Company name and addressOfficer details - this is you (if you're the founding director) and your company secretaryShare capital and shareholder detailsThis took me around 45 minutes to fully complete, with the majority of this time being spent on trying to get other shareholder information (which you need in place of a signature.)Setting up for tax is a slightly different matter, but is also very straight forward through the relevant government website.So in summary.It takes between 45 - 60 minutesThe paperwork is easyIt costs u00a315 as opposed to the extortionate price that a company would charge to 'help' you set it upHope this helps!
If it takes ten minutes to fill 5/12 of a tank, how many minutes will it take to fill the rest of this rate?
Before I start, thanks for the A2A, Eshwar Lal.Before doing anything else, first we have to find how much the tank fills up in a minute. To do this, we have to divide 5/12 by 10, which would result in 5/120, or 1/24. Since 1 is a full tank, we would set up an equation that looks like this: (1/24)m = 1. In this case, m is how many minutes it takes to fill up a tank. To solve this, we have to divide both sides by 1/24, or multiply by 24. That results in m = 24, meaning it takes 24 minutes to fill the tank.tl,dr Once we do some math stuff it takes 24 minutes to fill the tank
Ten pipes through which water flows through at the same rate can fill a tank in 28 minutes. If three pipes go out of order, how long will the remaining pipes take to fill the tank?
If all other factors remain identical then seven of ten pipes fill the empty tank in 10/7 X 28 minutes = 40 minutes.
If 4/7 of a tank can be filled in 2 minutes, how many minutes will it take to fill the whole tank?
4/7=2min.1/7=2:4min.=0.5min.7/7=0.5*7 so7/7 will fill in 3.5 min.
6 pipes fill a cistern in 3 minutes. If one pipe is out of order, then how much time will be taken?
perhaps you are overthinking this, its a base math question 180 seconds / 6 = 30 u2026u2026u2026u2026u2026. 30 x 5 = 150. each pipes value is 30 seconds. if you remove 1 pipe from the system then you would have to add that 30 seconds to the other pipes .so. 210 ( 30 seconds ADDED to the filling time ) Divided by 5 = 42 .. each pipe s new value is 42 seconds and the total filling time will be 210 seconds or 3.5 minutes assuming all the pipes fill the cistern at an equal rate.
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