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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Meeting notes template

Instructions and Help about Meeting notes template

Music Music hello everyone I think it's safe to say a long time no see but I'm finally back with a new video today I'm going to make an updated video on how I take notes and this is going to be a combination of both lecture notes and textbook notes during my first semester of university I've tried out different techniques for note-taking and I have finally found the way that works best for me so I'm going to share some of the tips that have helped me take notes that are both efficient and neat and I hope that they can help you as well for me my note-taking process starts the day before the lecture the first thing I do is that I quickly skim through the topics for the upcoming lecture and this is just to get an overview of what I'm going to learn so that I'm a bit more prepared once I've skimmed through the pages I like to just write down some key words on a piece of paper this is going to be my checklist for later to make sure I've included all of these central topics and concepts in my notes once they're finished during lectures I prefer using grade paper for my notes I feel like the grid is a big support when it comes to making my notes neat and organized and it also makes the spacing between the lines more narrow which is useful for those of us with small handwriting I also prefer a loose leaf paper over notebooks just because I don't have to deal with this spiral getting in the way and also because I put my notes in a binder when they're finished when it comes to stationery lately I've been mostly using erasable pens that way I don't have to cross over or use whiteout on any mistakes and I can also just change my notes as much as I like the pens i use the most are the pilot FriXion 0.5 millimeter pens for writing then they take your pilot FriXion pens for coloring and the uniball signo erasable pens for some extra colors you should keep in mind that these pens may be erased by friction heat and other things but if you are a bit careful you shouldn't have too much trouble with them if there isn't already a margin on the paper I use a quickly make one before I start writing just to get some extra space that I will use later a good tip for keeping your notes neat and organized is to have a certain system for organizing what's right that you stick to for example I start a new paragraph for each concept then I use bullet points to add extra information related to that concept and I use arrows to include short examples related to the current topic I also write any calculation examples in a box towards the middle of the page.

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