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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Mom format word

Instructions and Help about Mom format word

Hi everybody this is John from usamin welcome back and thanks for watching Oh today I have a video for you about invitation letter how to write an invitation letter to your parent let's say you want to invite your parent to come and visit you here in the United States of America oh but you don't know how to write the invitation letter well today I'm going to show you how to write the invitation letter to invite your parent to come and visit you or let's get right into it the first thing you're going to do is to open a word document microsoft word document um once you open the document on the upper left hand side you tap your your mom or your dad now it depends on who you invite if it's your mom then you tap your mom's name if your daddy tabs your dad's name on the address in this city and country so on the upper right hand side you're gonna tap your name you the person who invited then you add up your name your address your phone number and the date so that's why you you do it upper left hand side and the upper right hand side and then the body of the letter way that you're going to tap in the letter so the bottom letter the first thing you tap is like dear mom dear mother or father you start the letter by saying I would like to invite you to the United States of America for two three or six month it depend on them to stay with you oh so in this part of the the letter you're gonna mention or place you're going to visit with your parent or you know like let's say like here I put a Times Square in New York if you want to go there and visit times going to yoga mention in the letter if you don't go to Washington DC and visit the monument on the White House and all those places whatever you think you're planning to take your parent to you have to mention in this part of the letter and then the second part of the letter is going to be about how you're going to be in charge of the expenses from plane ticket and you know anything you know any expenses related to the trips you're going to be in charge of you have to mention in that part of the letter and also the medical insurance because what they come over here it gets sick you're going to take care of them so you have to mention that you're the one going to be responsible for the medical insurance everything so they don't become charged they don't become they don't depend on the US government so then basically you don't want them to become a charge for or US government so you have to mention order in that part of.

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