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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Weekly meeting template excel

Instructions and Help about Weekly meeting template excel

Hello i'm jennifer whitt director of projectmanager.com nothing gives me worse of a headache than a bad meeting we've all been there we've all seen the scenarios you've got that one who's always going to speak up to derail your meeting you've been in those meetings where no one knows why am I here what am I doing here and why is that person here we've all seen all different scenarios even interviewing CEOs of some of the top companies one of the biggest complaints is poor meetings people not knowing why they're there and leaving without knowing why was that here and what's to be done next so I've got four tips that are four key elements to running a meeting that a project manager can use that's simple remember simplicity helps to go a long way so for those of you who like methods methodology consider this the PC FW method of running your meeting so what does that stand for prepare communicate facilitate and by all means wrap it up so let's talk about each of the four key elements so number one in preparation there's purpose preparing for the purpose of the meeting why are you having this meeting who needs to be there why do they need to be there what do they need to prepare beforehand what do you as the project manager need to be prepared beforehand so purpose people again knowing who's supposed to be there why are they there are they decision-makers are they there to prinput why do you need them there and then props how are you going to facilitate and run your meeting do you need props do you need a laptop do you need a LCD projector do you need flip charts do you need boards markers Duty pins and paper what do you need for people to use and for you to facilitate the meeting have you ever shown up at a site and you didn't have the materials you needed or thought were supposed to be there well you as a project manager can prepare for that second key element communicate is communicating to people beforehand inviting them to the meeting the agenda letting them know when they're supposed to be there why there supposed to be there and five minutes before him let people know in advance so they know they can prepare on their schedule being mindful again that other people have schedules too so letting people know in advance so they can beforehand prepare get together what they need to show up and maybe ask any questions maybe contact you or other members on the team before so let them know what's on the agenda what are we going to be talking about they may want to invite some other key people as well and give you an opportunity to say yeah that's great but we don't really want them to be there in this meeting action items making sure.

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