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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Weekly meeting template excel

Instructions and Help about Weekly meeting template excel

Hello i'm jennifer whitt director of projectmanager.com nothing gives me worse of a headache than a bad meeting we've all been there we've all seen the scenarios you've got that one who's always going to speak up to derail your meeting you've been in those meetings where no one knows why am I here what am I doing here and why is that person here we've all seen all different scenarios even interviewing CEOs of some of the top companies one of the biggest complaints is poor meetings people not knowing why they're there and leaving without knowing why was that here and what's to be done next so I've got four tips that are four key elements to running a meeting that a project manager can use that's simple remember simplicity helps to go a long way so for those of you who like methods methodology consider this the PC FW method of running your meeting so what does that stand for prepare communicate facilitate and by all means wrap it up so let's talk about each of the four key elements so number one in preparation there's purpose preparing for the purpose of the meeting why are you having this meeting who needs to be there why do they need to be there what do they need to prepare beforehand what do you as the project manager need to be prepared beforehand so purpose people again knowing who's supposed to be there why are they there are they decision-makers are they there to prinput why do you need them there and then props how are you going to facilitate and run your meeting do you need props do you need a laptop do you need a LCD projector do you need flip charts do you need boards markers Duty pins and paper what do you need for people to use and for you to facilitate the meeting have you ever shown up at a site and you didn't have the materials you needed or thought were supposed to be there well you as a project manager can prepare for that second key element communicate is communicating to people beforehand inviting them to the meeting the agenda letting them know when they're supposed to be there why there supposed to be there and five minutes before him let people know in advance so they know they can prepare on their schedule being mindful again that other people have schedules too so letting people know in advance so they can beforehand prepare get together what they need to show up and maybe ask any questions maybe contact you or other members on the team before so let them know what's on the agenda what are we going to be talking about they may want to invite some other key people as well and give you an opportunity to say yeah that's great but we don't really want them to be there in this meeting action items making sure.


As a business owner, what online/offline templates would you benefit from having (e.g. a template to fill out and send invoices, business plan templates, etc.)?
One awesome highlight of ZipBooks• invoice templates is that you can save default settings like your notes and payment terms for your invoices once you nail down the details of what exactly should be on your invoice. Using ZipBooks for your invoice means never sending off an invoice without your own company information on it (oops!). They actually score your invoice based on what information you include and so you'll be able to leverage the data we've collected from tens of thousands of invoices on what things are important to get you paid faster.Here are a couple tips on things that you will get you paid faster and should definitely be included on your invoice:Company logo: This is part of the invoice template that we prfor you. You'll save a company logo under company settings and you'll never have to think about whether your invoice template header looks good again.Notes: Thanking a customer for their business will always make you stand out in a crowd and leverages the psychological principle of reciprocity so that you get paid faster. Lots of studies show that including a thank you note gets you paid faster. I think that would especially be true when someone is getting a big bill for legal services.Invoice payment terms: Another great free feature of ZipBooks invoice templates for legal services (and anyone else who used our invoice templates for that matter) is that when you put terms into an invoice, we automatically detected it and set a due date for you. If you don't set terms, we assume that the invoice will be due in 14 days. This is the due date that we use to drive the late payment reminder and to display the number of days that a invoice has been outstanding in the AR aging report. If you don't want to set the invoice payment terms every time, you can set it up once under Account Preferences in the ZipBooks app. Pretty neat, right?Customer information: This one might seem pretty straightforward but it should always be on the list of "must haves" when thinking about what you should put on your invoice.Detailed description of bill: ZipBooks' invoice template lends itself to the ability to show a detailed account of everything that you have charged since you last sent an invoice. You can do that by manually entering the invoice details or you can use the time tracker to automatically pull in billable activity once you are ready to send the next invoice for your legal services.
If you are filling out job applications, should you set a limit to how many you fill out daily-weekly? Why/why not?
Many people will tell you that looking for a job is a full time job. They’ll tell you it’s a numbers game. Put yourself out there as much as possible and something will eventually work out. They may have a point, but I think they’re also missing some important things that you need to consider.I would know. I’ve applied for hundreds, maybe thousands of jobs since I graduated college. Most of them I never heard back from. For a while, I had a whole system set up. A spreadsheet to track the applications and their results. Automated searches and reminder emails from the major job sites. Resumes publically available for any potential employers to see. I had a goal to apply for as many jobs a day as I could. I’m beginning to realize how all of this was exactly the wrong approach.I’ve had several jobs over this time. I said jobs. Not good jobs, not high paying jobs, not rewarding jobs. Just something to give me a bit of money to allow me to exist in this country for another two week pay period. I’ve gone through spells where I sat, feeling stuck and unfulfilled, in a miserable cubicle making less money every year. Occasionally I’d get angry and bang out a bunch of job applications, hoping someone would throw me a lifeline.They never did. You have to create your own lifeline. You have to save yourself.After a recent layoff, with unemployment benefits, I’ve had a bit of time to think and reflect on my approach and what I’ve done wrong. Here are a few lessons that may apply to your situation also.Quality, not quantity: I mentioned my job application system. I had it all. A template resume with blanks to fill in specific keywords from the job description. Cover letters set up the same way, insert name of this job here. Who has time to write a new letter each time? These HR people are not stupid. Well, some of them probably are. But they do this a lot. They can tell a template form letter every time. Sometimes you make the mistake of forgetting to change the name of the company or job in your letter. I admit to this mistake, multiple times. I’ve also sat down and carefully crafted a well thought out, excellent application package. Usually for that rare job you come across and say “Wow, this is what I want!” It really really sucks when you put in all this effort and don’t get any response. It takes a lot of time to do these kind of applications also. How do we deal with this?Apply for fewer jobs. Be selective. Desperation is a stinky cologne. If you are totally unqualified and send off a generic application, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear back. You’ve wasted your time. You’d be better off not applying at all. If you don’t meet the requirements posted for a job but feel you are the right choice anyways, give them a good explanation of why you’re the right choice. If you just graduated, don’t apply for the CEO job. Similarly, if you see a description for a job that you’re qualified for but know you would hate, save yourself the time and aggravation. It’s very hard to motivate yourself to do all that work knowing that the best possible outcome is to be stuck doing something you hate.Send good applications: Read the job description. Make lists of what they’re looking for, what skills you have, and your specific experience. Find the intersection of these three lists and highlight these points in your application.Consider temp agencies: These people get paid when you get paid. They want to find you something. They’re also typically overwhelmed with people looking for jobs, but most of the jobs I’ve had, unsatisfying as they were, were found for me by temp agencies. A lot of these jobs have the potential to go “permanent” (no job is actually a permanent job, but this is the term that is used for direct employment).Do something other than apply for jobs: This especially applies to periods of unemployment. If you just sit around eating tacos and playing Halo, I wouldn’t hire you either. Do something to improve your skills. Learn a language. Try freelancing. Look into starting your own business if you have an idea. If you don’t, think of ideas. Maybe you’ll think of something you want to try. Have something to put on your resume or LinkedIn profile, or even just to tell an interviewer, other than “Yeah, I’m unemployed...”Relax: The 1950’s are over. The labor market is very different in this country, even compared to just a few years ago. People who couldn’t find a “good job” used to be thought of as lazy, stupid, or unmotivated. “Get a job, you dirty hippy!” As you have already figured out for yourself, it isn’t that simple anymore. They guy making 6 figures who says he’d work at Taco Bell if he was unemployed is lying to you, or he’s an idiot. In any case, ignore him. Reflect: It is very normal for people to go through periods of unemployment and underemployment in today’s economy. There just isn’t the same demand for a bunch of bodies sitting at desks as there once was. Think and reflect on this. Is the career you’re pursuing even going to exist in a few years? Would your energy be better spent getting into something else with more potential? Sometimes it feels like you’re just banging your head against the same cement wall expecting different results. Go find a thinner wall, maybe one of those Japanese ones made of paper and bamboo. You know that old cliche about the definition of insanity...
How Do I automatically fill a column with days of the week in Microsoft excel?
Look for the “Fill" button on Home tab. This will be on the far right hand side.Click on the “Fill” icon and from the drop down list choose the “Series” option.The “Series” pop-up box will appear. Then in the “Type” column, click the radio button “Date” and then go to the column to the right, the “Date unit” and click on the radio button you want to auto-fill.I hope this helps!There are plenty of YouTube videos to look at as well if it's more helpful to see it visually.
What are the right methods to make a perfect sales pitch?
Below are some key sales principles that are critically important when making a sales pitch:Don't pitch features, pitch benefits.  When you only have a brief time to explain your company/product explain how it will help people which is very different than how it works.  At first, people don't care what goes into Redbull or 5 Hour Energy, they want to know how its going to help them.  Then, once they know how its going to help them, they look at the ingredients to see if its healthy. Think about this when pitching your product - how can I make people want it.  Once you do that, then you can set up a meeting or a time to explain how you make what people want.Engage  When you are pitching it is great to ask questions like "how could you see yourself using this?" and "does that make sense?"  Doing this will ensure that people are listening and will also give you insight into their thought process as you are pitching so you can course correct if need be.Modulate (and practice) tone and cadence.  The less amount of time you have the more important it is to do this.  Do people laugh at something you say? Will people need a minute to process a fact?  Both of these take up additional time and can mess with your cadence and pace if you're not prepared.  Also change your tone/pace to emphasize whats most important.Write down your pitch Take the time to write down exactly what you are going to say.  You'll find that writing down your pitch will help you organize your thoughts, clarify what you want to say, and force you to put intentional time into crafting your pitch.End with an actionable item and a follow up.  Make sure you have a reason to get in touch with the lead again.  Ideally you will set the next conversation / action item on the calendar to ensure it gets done.  When people have a specific task and a date something needs to be done by, they are far more likely to take it seriously.  It is also a really good indicator of their interest.  If the lead is excited about the follow up, that is a good indicator they are interested.  If the lead needs to be pressed for a follow up, you might want to find out why.  Solving the problem of 'why' they don't want a follow up will ultimately help you 'sell'There is also a (long) but pretty good video that talks about effective start up selling: Hope this helps!Justin B GoldSales as a Service
How do I auto fill dates in Excel by every other week example today is 7th of April I want to auto fill next to next Saturdays date and the sat after that and so on?
Enter 7th April in your first cell e.g. A1Underneath it, in A2, enter the formula =A1+14 and press Enter.Now hover your mouse at the lower right corner of cell A2, until you get the cross hairs cursor/icon.Click and drag down the sheet as far as you need to go. By row 26 you should have a year's worth.Each entry will be 14 days later than the previous one.Edit: I just noticed an ambiguity in the question. If you want every Saturday, use 7 in the formula, if you want every other Saturday, i.e. every two weeks, use 14.You can adapt this formula to find dates for repeating periods of any length.
How do I fill out the bulk of images from an Excel file with alt text, title text, and keywords?
Try our tool: Everypixel API!! It is a tool for photo and video keywording.Everypixel develops products for stock and UG media content management, which are based on computer vision technologies. One of the latest developments is an algorithm for automatic photo and video tagging and photo aesthetic scoring.It also is able to evaluate the photo’s aesthetic and can be used as a new factor of the content analysis and categorization.Everypixel sees images like a human, but costs a few times cheaper and doesn't ask for vacation!
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