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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Onenote meeting minutes template

Instructions and Help about Onenote meeting minutes template

Hello everybody welcome to today's ask the Nerd Herd hashtag Nerd Herd don't forget that bit today's question comes from Leticia and Leticia was telling me actually about how she started using Microsoft OneNote to take meeting minutes and then emailing those notes to the rest of her team Leticia had some really solid questions about how to better use OneNote for this purpose so what I want to do today is something a little bit different what I'm going to do is I'm going to cut across to OneNote and I want to demonstrate for you a couple of little tricks that you can use with OneNote so how to get started using OneNote for taking meeting minutes so what we're looking at now is the screen on my computer now the first thing we need to do is to ensure that you have Microsoft OneNote installed on your computer now the great news here is that OneNote is available for free if you don't have one node installed all you need to do is open up a web browser and go to www.vitac.com / damn load then we'll take you to the OneNote website from Microsoft where you can download and install Microsoft OneNote for free on your computer the good news here too is that OneNote is not limited to just Windows computers it is available for the Macintosh operating system it is available on mobile devices such as iPads iPhones and Android devices so you can access your OneNote content your OneNote notebooks from any device it's pretty cool stuff so let's just assume that you've already done this bit here you already have one installed on your computer what I'd like you to do next is to open up OneNote I'm just going to click on my Start menu and there it is there I know I've already got it now what I'd like to do first is just to recap briefly what Microsoft OneNote is and how the general structural works because this still confuses some people if you can think of the analogy of a physical notebook the sort of notebook that you would buy from stationary store or a news agency I'm featuring one of those yellow and white striped cardboard covers with the spyrix bound notebooks with the ruled pages in the middle that you can write all the notes on but one of those ones that got has got those tabbed section separators inserted in there you might have half a dozen of these tabs poking out the side of a different color separating your sections within your notebook Microsoft OneNote uses exactly that same structure so if we can see up here in the top left hand corner this little drop down list it's a list of all the notebooks that I have access to so that's the physical notebook analogy to start with what we then got here is these sections all these tabs now this is.

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